10 Quotes by Sam Glenn to Inspire a Positive 2021

1. CHOICES --------- Make Choices That Reward You. The choices you make determine where you go, who you become and what you get.

2. ATTITUDE A positive attitude does not stop the junk from happening in life. However a better attitude will equip you with resilience and creativity to learn, grow and use the junk as a stepping stone.

3. BELIEVE When you doubt yourself, you defeat yourself. When you believe in yourself, you create possibilities.

4. ATTITUDE The difference between an average day or an awesome day is the attitude we choose every day. - Sam Glenn 

5. LIGHTEN UP! You will never look back on your life and wish you had laughed less.  

6. OPTIMISM Optimism is not wishful thinking, it is courageous thinking.  It takes courage to be optimistic when everything says otherwise.  

7. CULTURE If I spent just "one day" working for your organization, what story would I share with the world?

8. TEAMWORK If I spent just "one day" working with you in your workplace, would I want to pick you for my kick ball team at recess?

9. RESILIENCE Rest when you must, but don't give up. Keep climbing

10. THINK When you think better, you live better, lead better, serve better and make better choices. The way we think better is feeding the mind positive, healthy and empowering words, ideas and thoughts.

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