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One day I woke up and had the most random thought, “When it comes to my life, I have less time than more.”

At first, I felt panic based on this reality, but instead of allowing myself to get sad, I got inspired. I was given a choice of two paths, so I picked the one that will make the rest of my time the best of my time. The result is I created this timeless book. Meaning, whoever opens this book 5 years, 25 years or even 100 years from now, every word will still be relevant and hold incredible valuable. Writing this book allowed me to explore my legacy and impact. Is who I am valuable enough to make a difference, is my attitude and daily actions reflecting someone who wants to make a difference, and how can improve the impact of my unique contributions – time, talent and treasures?

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There are two sides to this book, a look at how we can make a bigger difference in our personal life, but also our work life. I mean, we spend a good chunk of our time on earth working, so the question was, how can we make a bigger difference in the work we do…even if it’s not the most ideal job. I discovered something so incredible that it will change how you work, how lead and live you life. Incredible isn’t a big enough word to describe this one little thing you can do daily that will inspire others to care more. Why is that so important? Well, just think of all the consequences of someone in you workplace or life that doesn’t care. The most dangerous person to any workplace in any industry is the person who cares the least, but shows up anyways. That is not good and while you can’t force others to care or care more, I found an organic way of making that happen – and best of all – it works! It works big time!

In Be The Difference, I draw upon my own life experiences to share uplifting, and sometimes hilarious stories showcasing the power of how our attitude and actions make a difference every day. Through these relatable stories, you'll discover how to live your legacy, achieving the outstanding results in your personal and professional life.

Whether you're leading a team, managing a group of employees, or simply looking to improve your own life, Be The Difference is the perfect tool to help you think better, live better, feel better and do better.

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