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“It’s something GOOD you can look forward to every month!” 

You can fill out form above or Simply Text:  SamGlennArt 

to: 844-491-1295

What is the Sam Glenn “Super Fan Club” and Why Join?

When you join, you are officially in Sam’s inner circle and community.  This means, he may show up to your home to eat your food and sleep on your couch - just kidding!

Each month, you will get a “TEXT” from Sam with a quick message that will encourage you, make you laugh, and fuel your attitude with resilience and optimism.

As a way to show love to Sam’s super fans, Sam randomly picks super fans and gifts his art, so you never when it may be your turn.  (Last year, Sam gifted 400 original paintings to his super fan club members!)

Please note, Sam does make his art prints and books available, but you never need to buy.  We love when you do, but these are resources to fuel your best and they are always available.

Please know, our #1 priority is to lift you up, encourage you and provide something “good” to look forward to monthly.

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This is where Sam interacts and connects daily.  Plus there is always an amazing quote to kick start your day the right way.

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