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One day I woke up and had the most random thought, “When it comes to my life, I have less time than more.”

At first, I felt panic based on this reality, but instead of allowing myself to get sad, I got inspired. I was given a choice of two paths, so I picked the one that will make the rest of my time the best of my time. The result is I created this timeless book. Meaning, whoever opens this book 5 years, 25 years or even 100 years from now, every word will still be relevant and hold incredible valuable. Writing this book allowed me to explore my legacy and impact. Is who I am valuable enough to make a difference, is my attitude and daily actions reflecting someone who wants to make a difference, and how can improve the impact of my unique contributions – time, talent and treasures?

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There are two sides to this book, a look at how we can make a bigger difference in our personal life, but also our work life. I mean, we spend a good chunk of our time on earth working, so the question was, how can we make a bigger difference in the work we do…even if it’s not the most ideal job. I discovered something so incredible that it will change how you work, how lead and live you life. Incredible isn’t a big enough word to describe this one little thing you can do daily that will inspire others to care more. Why is that so important? Well, just think of all the consequences of someone in you workplace or life that doesn’t care. The most dangerous person to any workplace in any industry is the person who cares the least, but shows up anyways. That is not good and while you can’t force others to care or care more, I found an organic way of making that happen – and best of all – it works! It works big time!

In Be The Difference, I draw upon my own life experiences to share uplifting, and sometimes hilarious stories showcasing the power of how our attitude and actions make a difference every day. Through these relatable stories, you'll discover how to live your legacy, achieving the outstanding results in your personal and professional life.

Whether you're leading a team, managing a group of employees, or simply looking to improve your own life, Be The Difference is the perfect tool to help you think better, live better, feel better and do better.

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I love everything this guy stands for! His books are easy reads and that you feel good! His paintings are beautiful and inspirational! And to top all of that he is AMAZINGLY generous giving away art, books and more just to make people smile! You will be hooked with your first book!!! – BRITTNEI


I first heard of Sam at a national DECA conference. He was the keynote speaker. Like I said that was the first time. His words stuck with me throughout my 17-year long battle with opioid addiction. I would read his books to take my mind off everything and recover from the pain of addiction. Today with the help of not only Sam’s books but his art as well, I try to live my day just a little bit better every day and I own it all to this really amazing person named Sam Glenn! The Super Hero of attitude! – JOHN

Sam’s books taught me that I am in charge of my attitude and how I react in situations. They have provided the insight, tools, and courage to grow as an individual. This has, in turn, made me a much happier, more resilient person. Thank you, Sam! – JOANNE

Sam Glenn is inspirational and engaging. His words are truly necessary in these times. It may seem simplistic to think about a positive attitude and to be an all-around good person but these are often things people overlook. These “soft skills” are frequently are truly necessary skills and Sam Glenn is great and making them matter and putting them in a real world context. – NICK

I love his books and so inspiring that when I’m done, I pass them on! - TINA

His books are easy to read, containing a heartfelt message for/to the reader: reflecting who Sam is. From the messiness of life experience, his honesty, humor and learned “attitude” is easily understood in the prose. – CINDY

I appreciated the words of positivity after my Mom passed, the difficult days that followed and even the day to day things. Positivity and laugher can bring so much to a hurting heart and soul. So, appreciate his light, laughter, art and all the talents he shares. May Sam’s attitude continue to gain him altitude! – LESLEY

Sam’s books aren’t just your run of the mill motivational books! His extremely humorous stories of real life examples demonstrate how to create a better attitude and put it into action. Better thinking helps create better productivity, increased morale and just a more fun place to work! – TRACY

Sam’s books are very inspiring and motivating. They are easy reads that make you more positive in what sometimes seems like and ocean of negativity! – SALLY

Easy to read, easy to apply, easy to pass on to others to grow! – KAY

You might think motivational books are all the same, BUT they aren’t. Sam Glenn makes me laugh and when I do, I feel better about myself. Reading his books gives me the attitude to be me! Every day! – KERRIE

I have been a huge fun after listening to Sam speak at the IEHA conference in Indianapolis several years ago. I can’t say I have ever laughed that hard. I have shared Sam’s books, videos, and artwork with many of my staff and coworkers over the last five years. I have shared Sam’s material for staff development and with friends & family facing life’s challenges. His work is an inspiration to everyone at some point in life. – TARA

Sam is a genuine, heartfelt speaker that speaks from life experience on real issues with encouraging solutions. – LEAH

Sam’s books are great to help pull yourself out of a slump. Positive, easy reads that can be finished quickly. – JULIE

Sam’s books have been part of my bookshelf for many years. They are humorous, easy to read and have relevant messages for everyone! They are uplifting and always provide great reminders about the importance of approaching life with a heart of gratitude and an attitude and spirit of compassion. – LISA

If you are looking for encouraging books that are also a quick read, Sam’s books are the best choice! They are full of wisdom & encouragement, but are not so heavy that you can’t finish them. Once you start, you want to read more! You will relate to the content and feel refreshed when you finish. – SHARI

His books are motivating, interesting and easy to read! He can be funny also and he loves life to the fullest! – KAREN

Great minds = great thoughts!! It is about what you put out in the world. It shows that you are someone that makes a difference. Sam’s books let you know the magic of positive thoughts. Laughter is a key to what makes the world go around. – STACY

Sam’s books are amazing, easy to read and full of positivity. He is one of the most down to earth, funny people I know. His willingness to open up on his own experience and how to still have a positive attitude make you feel like you are talking to your best friend! – JAMEY

Sam’s books are amazing just like he is. They fill you with positivity you can’t get anywhere else. Give them a try, you won’t regret It!!! – NANCY

Sam’s books help me recenter when stress is eating away at my attitude. – LYNNE

I worked with children; your books were just what I needed to keep that positive attitude!! – LISA

I enjoy reading anything Sam writes or paints. He can take any bad situation and turn it into a lesson and reason to grow from it. I am yet to find anything I didn’t like of his. Met him in person a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I HIGHLY recommend anything of Sam’s. – MARIANA

Sam’s books are inspiration for change, for forgiving and starting again, for viewing in new perspective…. Head held high, with courage and knowing one grows always. Thanks, Sam Glenn. – KATHY

All of Sam’s books promote positivity and kindness and they are easy reading. The life stories that he shares always have a lesson and some are very humorous, while others really tug at your heartstrings. All valuable lessons. -  DEBBIE

I have quiet a few of Sam’s books. They are easy to read which I love! I plan to take them on the plane with me next week when we head to Hawaii! I also love the inspirational Sam posts. I have a bunch of them printed along with his prints displayed on my board in my classroom. A great way to keep that positive attitude! – TRIXIE

I love that I can read a story or quote, find the humor or message. Keep it in my heart. Share the humor or message of positivity with others. I can stay positive, use humors, have ammunition when negativity Nancy tries to ruin my day. I was always the person that wished I knew what to say. Now I get compliments for handling a situation so gracefully. Thank you Sam, for your books. – CHERYL

I keep them on my shelf for our SSR time and most of the covers are missing because they are read the most. We talk about them often especially on an SEL day at school. They are easy to read and very positive and inspiring. Thank you Sam. – LISA

I love Sam’s books. His attitude is contagious and I love where he finds the humor, even in difficult situations. – MICHELE