NEW! Motivated by Art for Teams and Leadership- CUSTOM Grow Through What You Grow Through Artwork for Training



New! Motivated by Art offers a fun and creative way to inspire your team and leadership.

Theme #1: Grow Through What You Go Through

How it works:

1. Order the best option (below) for your team and leadership. Each custom painting comes with copies of Sam’s books to distribute to your team. Sam will provide a short video discussing the message behind the painting.

2. Once you order, Sam’s team will connect with you to discuss your custom painting.

3. We will be offering more themes soon, but theme #1 is Sam’s most requested and impactful painting: Grow Through What You Go Through

4. Every painting is unique and has it’s own character. In the pic, you can see Sam holding his classic multi-color abstract. (Most popular)

5. If you have any questions, or we can create something special for you, please email us anytime at:



Sam's art and books focus 100% on these invaluable topics




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