Testimonials and Reviews for Sam Glenn’s Inspirational Art

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 Your art means a new perspective on things to me; a different view on something we see daily, but done in a different way to highlight the beauty of the world we live in. I can't wait to gift the Poppy painting to my Mom for Mother's day! It's been hard to not give it to her yet.  - Stevie Rae


 I have two of your Artwork, both flowers. I loved to see your artwork. It made me happy, hopeful and thankful. Then one day I received one from my friend Vanessa Hoffman. She made my day with her gift. I love looking at reminding me of better days ahead.- Stacy Blankenship Dain


 Sam’s art work is always amazing! Behind every piece of art is an equally amazing and uplifting message. The messages have encouraged our son that has a very difficult few years to “stay strong and keep his head up. Now our whole family stays inspired by Sam and his beautiful art and messages.- Ami Leer


 It’s spring and my tulips are currently covered in snow. I love sharing your paintings and prints as well as your inspiration to coworkers, teens, and friends. Thanks for the giveaways! 🌷 - Nicole Rimes


 Sam Glenn's art is the Happiest Art on earth. Always there to inspire, make me smile, think a little differently, change my attitude just by looking at one of the pictures in my office. I so look forward to the daily Post and the new pictures that you're trying out all the time. - Monica Thacker


 Absolutely gorgeous!!! Sam's art work is amazing! It is so inspirational and motivating. keep up the amazing work and thanks for always being so uplifting to your fans! - Jamey Coutant


 I have purchased several of your paintings for myself or as gifts . I also now own over 40 of your prints that brighten our office room! Your artwork and motivational books both brings joy , happiness and smiles . You are a true inspiration! - Laura Clements-Lindley


 Fantastic job as always!! Your paintings remind me every day that I am the one who chooses whether I see the positive or the negative in any given situation. Your artwork is fun and a great conversation starter. I love sharing the positive attitude that you share with each of us. Please keep sharing your artwork and your humor. We need you!!! - Kay Tucker


 I love Sam’s art & I have it throughout my house because it makes me smile whenever I see it. I love giving the smaller paintings to my friends as gifts for special occasions. I’ve been a fan for many years so I have a whole lot of fun, happy paintings in my home & office. - Shelly Webster Westbrook


 Your artwork is calming, uplifting and inspiring. I enjoy all of it, but gravitate toward the flowers because they remind me of my mother and provide a constant reminder that she is always with me.  - Beth Applegate-Debo


 Sam's art work has a special message for all of us! I have purchased numerous pieces and feel inspired by the message that Sam shares with it. They bring a smile and joy into the room.  - Dolonna Taylor


 It is very hard to put into words what Sam's artwork means to me. They make me smile and motivate me to be a better person and to know that I have someone that has my back when needed. I am not alone. I do not think Sam realizes what effect he has on people everyday. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!  - Vicki Pearson


 I have several pieces of your art and they all bring a feeling of happiness. I have also given several smaller pieces as gifts and they are always well received. - Melissa Thomas


 Your paintings and messages are inspirational. - Robin Sawamura


 I love how you convey messages of hope and beauty in everything you do! Such talent--and so many needed messages of optimism--in your art and presentations! Thank you for blessing all of us!❤ - Joanna Rudlaff Kaiser


 I have purchased many of Sam’s pieces. Each one has a special message; courage, optimism, and being the best we can be each day. I have also purchased them for friends. The smile that his art gives to someone is priceless. - Pam Dargie Kantack


 Your art to me is breathtaking. It helps me start my days with a positive attitude and keeps me going. - Regina Crowder Hathaway


 The messiness of Sam's art speaks to me in a way that most exact art cannot. It reminds me that beauty can come out of ANY mess. His use of colors and symbolism bring a smile to my face and laughter to my heart at a time when it is needed most. - Norma Douglas


 I love the art. The art is unique and all of it has a message. We have pieces throughout our house so we can share positive messages in every room.  - Nick Trahan


 I love them! My latest piece of Sam’s is amazing the sunny flowers! Everyone always comments on Sam’s artwork In my office. I work with cancer patients so I love his bold and colorful artwork as it brings smiles to my patient’s faces! I currently have 4 pieces in my office and I love them all! I love Sam’s sense of humor as well!😉  - Amanda Gilbert


 If I could describe your artwork in a couple of words I would say - Pure Joy!! I believe in surrounding myself with things that give me joy. It all started with the purchase of the giraffe painting - than a couple more giraffe paintings 🦒During COVID that painting came to symbolize keeping my head up, standing tall and embracing my uniqueness. I have shared that idea with many others. I have several pieces of your art- Grow through What You Go Through, Sunflowers, Be Kind, Never Give Up ... I also gift your artwork to others to bring joy to their life! Thank you Sam - your art has continued to transform my life and the lives of others !  - Mary Jo Harkenrider


 Your art presents a powerful positive message. It is vivid, full of life & joy and makes happy!  - Stephanie Abbott Davis