Motivated by Art - Staff Development


(New) Motivated by Art

Motivated by Art offers a creative and inspiring way to cultivate engagement, purpose and professional development in the workplace.

How does it work:

1. Pick Your Painting and Size (Sam will custom paint and ship directly to you.)

2. Sam will personally email you a link to a 30 minute training video that relates to the artwork

3. So once You receive your artwork you can combined the artwork and the Training video to inspire, motivate and uplift your team.

How To Use Motivated By Art

* Staff meetings

* Professional development

* Leadership development

* Ice breaker

Painting & Training #1: Keep Climbing - Cultivating Resilience [Sam's training video will highlight key points on how to cultivate resilience both personally and professionally]

If you have questions please email

Size of painting: 30x30

Program #1