The Courage Project

The Courage Project

Over the past year, every month I have been donating an original lion or lioness painting to someone who needs a positive pick me up.  We all do from time to time, right?

Sometimes, the painting goes to a young person who is either sick, depressed or being bullied.  Sometimes the painting goes to an organization who auctions it off to raise funds to help a special cause.  And sometimes, it goes to someone just like you and I who just needs something to lift their spirit, let them know things will be okay or encourage them to keep going. 

I think it’s reminding someone that they have courage inside them to keep going, to look up, to try again, to fight the good fight.  As iron sharpens iron, this vision is extend a hand to others in a creative and fun way and pull them up.

This vision is new and I am working on developing it.  I am looking for active participants who would like to help pick that one special person or group monthly to receive a lion or lioness painting.  I am also looking for ideas on how to develop this.  What can we add with the painting that would complement it – a book? A note?  I would like this to be a “WE” thing instead of just a Sam Glenn thing.

So, if you have suggestions or ideas, feel free to email me at  She helps organize everything for me and keeps me on track. 

Also, we would be looking for active contributors.  I am not the best as asking for donations because I have never done it.  I am mostly on the giving side, but to make this work, it’s going to require a few more givers who have a heart to help.


If you know someone who needs a major “COURAGE” pick me up as a way to encourage them or celebrate them, please email

When You Email:

  1. Sub line: Courage Project Nomination
  2. Tell us who, why and the story.

Important Notes about our Process:

  • We do not share any of this information publicly.
  • We can only select one group or person to receive Sam’s lion or lioness painting each month, so the process is we randomly and fairly select someone.
  • You always have the option to make a donation that ensures a Courage Package – Painting, Note from Sam, Sam’s Book – Optional Online Celebration and Encouragement for this person. ( We don’t use names, but if you send a us a picture of the recipient with Sam’s painting, we will post to social media so Sam’s super fans can write encouraging notes in the comments to really experience the synergy of people who care and who are rooting for them.)
  • If your nomination is not selected, remember, it’s not a rejection at all. Again, it’s 100% random.  Sam, actually let’s his kids draw from hat. 
  • Everyone get’s something. We are working on this, so if your nomination is not selected, we may have Sam make and send a short video or postcard print of a lion or lioness with a little note from Sam.  Either way, your nomination will get something.