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Autographed Copies Now Available- Grab Yours!

Autographed Copies Now Available- Grab Yours!

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Grab the Latest and Greatest from Sam Glenn, Grow Through What You Grow Through

If you enjoy Sam Glenn’s books, you are going to love this one!  

This book is based on Sam’s popular keynote speech and signature painting - Grow Through What You Go Through.

Life is filled with changes, challenges, the unexpected, uncertainty and negativity- so how can we manage this in a way that enables us to become more resilient, joyful, and empowered.

Sam will share real life stories and practical ideas that will inspire you to face the messiness of life and discover the meaning, message and masterpiece.   

Expect to learn, laugh, and most importantly strengthen your resilience, increase your joy and make the most of your life story.  

Order for your team, company, family, school, or conference.  


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